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Thursday, February 13, 2014

Digitizing Buildings on ArcGIS Online

The following instructions can be used to create a map by digitizing buildings on ArcGIS Online:

1.   Go to
2.   Sign in
3.   Click Map
4.   Click Basemap
         a)      Select ‘Imagery’
5.   Search for the desired location in the Find address or place bar in the upper right hand corner
6.   Click Add
          a)      Select ‘Add Maps Notes’
          b)      Rename the Map under ‘Name:’
          c)       Click Create
7.   Zoom into the desired building
8.   Click on the Edit button
9.   Click Area under the ‘Area’ section
10. Starting in one corner of the desired building, left click with the mouse.
           a)      Continue clicking the mouse to create points around the entire building
           b)      Once the mouse is back at the starting point, double click to finish the polygon
11. Once the Areas box appears, fill in the appropriate information:
           a)      Create a title and enter it in the ‘Title’ box
           b)      If desired, write a description about the location in the ‘Description’ box
           c)       If desired, include a picture:                         
                               i.            Google desired image
                       ii.            Right click image
                       iii.            Select Copy image URL
                       iv.            Paste the URL in the ‘Image URL’ box
                                               d)      Select Close once all the information is complete 
12. Zoom into the second desired building
13. Repeat steps 8-11
                                    14. Zoom into the third desired building
                                    15. Repeat steps 8-11
                                    16. In the upper right hand corner of the page, click Save As
                                              a)      Create a tile for the map and type it in the ‘Title’ box
                                              b)      Create Tags in the ‘Tag’ box to be able to easily access it once published 
                                              c)       If desired, write a brief summary about the map 
                                              d)      Click ‘Save Map’
                                    17. In the upper right hand corner of the page, click Share
                                              a)      Check the box ‘Everyone (public)
                                              b)      Copy the ‘Link to this map’ link in order to have easy access back to this map

The following is the directions of the assignment used to create this step-by-step tutorial:
  • The Bridgewater State University President would like a map of the three newest buildings on campus. Digitize the three buildings and it into ArcGIS Online as a map. Share the link to your ArcGIS Online map.

In order to complete this assignment, I had to first locate Bridgewater State University Campus on ArcGIS Online by typing the campus address in the address search bar. I then had to determine the three newest buildings on the Bridgewater State University campus. A noteworthy error that was encountered while completing this assignment was that the most current newest building on campus was not digitized, because the imagery basemap on ArcGIS Online had not been updated since the construction of the newest building. After determining the three newest buildings available on the map, I began digitizing each building (described in the instructions above). A title of the building's name, short description and image were included for each building digitized in order to provide the viewer with important information about the buildings. After completing all components of the map for this assignment, the map was saved and shared to the public. The finished map can be viewed below.        
View Larger Map

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