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Monday, April 14, 2014

Distances Between Massachusetts Community Colleges and MBTA Commuter Rail Stations

The map above shows all of the locations of Massachusetts Community Colleges and the distances to the closest MBTA commuter rail stations. A few of the colleges have multiple locations; therefore, there may be multiple pin points for each college. There are a total of 15 Community Colleges in Massachusetts. Berkshire Community College in Pittsfield, Massachusetts has the shortest distance from the campus to the MBTA commuter rail station; followed by Quinsigamond Community College. Cape Cop Community College has the farthest distance from the campus to the station at 6.46 miles.      

The distances between Community College Campuses and MBTA Commuter Rail Stations are important because the majority, if not all, of the students at community colleges commute; therefore, many students may use the commuter rail, and need to be able to walk to campus from the station.   

The table above shows the data for all the Massachusetts Community Colleges. The table was then used to geocode into points and create the map above. 

The table above shows all 15 Massachusetts Community Colleges, and their minimum distances to an MBTA Commuter Rail Station. The table is categorized from least to greatest in miles, with Berkshire Community College having the least about of distance, and Cape Code Community College having the furthest distance.  

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  1. Interesting to see a geocode + distance calculation; however, I am concerned that the information you have for the MBTA commuter rail stations is incorrect. I don't think the Commuter Rail goes out to North Adams, though, I think the intercity bus might.